Jun 27, 2018

Papa Recipe Pudding Cream & Sheet Mask Review

I am constantly searching for new skincare brands which would benefit my skin. A lot of people tend to forget pampering their skin in the summer time. I used to be one of those: I have oily combo skin, why would I put more tacky products on my face in the hot summer months? Guilty to say that but in the past years, I sometimes just didn't bother applying moisturizer in the morning. 

Only in the past couple of years that I realize how important hydration is for my skin, yes, even oily combo skin in the summer. Ever since I bought a Skin Moisture Detector from Amazon.ca, I learn more about what products would work the best for me. 

I still use facial sheet masks at least 5 times a week. Having enough hydration in your skin really help with the overall condition of your skin. I don't necessarily use hydration sheet masks all the time. I rotate. I have a collection of a variety: hydration, pore minimizer, whitening, anti-wrinkle etc. 

Papa Recipe is a new Korean skin care brand that I have discovered a few months ago. Honey Mask has become one of my favorite sheet masks. It contains natural ingredients and the sheet masks are very thin. For thinner masks, they tend to fit your face better, penetrating all the good essences deeply into your skin. The scent is amazing(honey) and they are very affordable. I have tried a few different ones from the brand and they perform quite similarly for me. I got mine usually at Galleria (Korean grocery store in North York, Ontario) or T&T Grocery Store. But you can also get this from Yesstyle.ca

When I first saw this at the store, I was attracted by its cute packaging. Just like a jar of pure honey. Then I read some reviews and decided to give it a try. Just as its name suggested, it is a pudding cream. It comes with a little plastic spatula to scope it out for sanitary reason. I apply a spoonful in the morning. It is very thick in texture and it does take a couple of minutes to be absorbed into the skin. I wouldn't say this is the most hydrating moisturizer. It is perfect for the summer but I would definitely need another moisturizer to layer on top in the cold drier months. I have been using this pudding cream for 3 months now. It is very gentle and non-irritating. If you have sensitive skin, you would want to try this as it has pure natural ingredients. 

Overall, I am very happy with this newly-discovered skin care brand. Have you discovered any new skin care brands lately?

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