Jul 14, 2018

Cheap sheet masks = not good enough?

I have tried a ton of sheet masks over the past few years. Ranging from CAD $10 to $1 a piece. All have different claims. From anti-aging, hydrating, blemish-control, clearing to brightening/whitening. Do they do what they claim? To be honest, I haven't found one which is mind-blowing to be called my holy grail. 

To me, a good sheet mask is how well it fits my face and how hydrating it makes me skin feel. There are some masks that I use whenever I need extra pampering for my skin, especially in the cold winter months. There are also some which I use when I feel blemishes surfacing and I need masks to help calm them. 

Ever since I bought a skin moisture analyzer from Amazon, I use it pretty much daily to measure the hydration level. No matter what moisturizer I use before I go to bed at night, my skin hydration level always fall back to 37-38% in the morning. So for the past month, I am testing out using different combinations of different sheet masks, night moisturizer and serum to see if my skin hydration level would improve. 

I just bought a box set of sheet mask from Miniso. There are a few different kinds and I picked the ocean bird nest nutrition silk mask. It is $3.99 for 3 pieces. 

I am quite surprised by how good this mask is. First up, it fits my face quite good. I have an oval-shaped face and sometimes some sheet mask don't fit my forehead well. Second, the sheet mask itself is quite thin making the essence more easily absorbed into the skin. 

I leave the mask on for 20 mins and immediately after removing the mask:

Hydration level: 70%
Oil level: 20%

After 5 mins:

Hydration level: 55%
Oil level: 17%

This mask really is a pleasant surprise for me. Not a lot of sheet masks would give my skin this much hydration. The hydration level usually drops after a few minutes but to a good 55% is very impressive. 

Who says cheap sheet masks are not good enough? Do you have a good affordable sheet mask?

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