Mar 11, 2016

Nature's Pure Bliss Lemon Tart

Who hates alligator skin? Dry winter months can do a number on my skin, especially my legs. So when I was kindly sent an all-natural body moisturizer to try, I jumped for joy.

These days more and more of us are conscious of ingredients in our bath and shower products. We do not want to apply any more chemically-infused ingredients into our skin than we have to. Nature's Pure Bliss is a Canadian company who uses natural ingredients for their products and they are biodegradable and paraben free. 

I picked Quench Body Moisturizer in Lemon Tart* to try out and I am so happy with my pick. I love a good body butter and I have tried a handful before and they are either too thick in texture which is so hard for the skin to absorb, or too runny that it is wiped out by clothing before it does anything to the skin.

When you think of body butter, first thing comes to mind is would this be greasy? Absolutely not with this Quench Body Moisturizer. I apply this after I get out of the shower and it is quickly-absorbed. I don't have to worry about standing in the bathroom naked for 10 minutes and wait for the product to be absorbed before putting on clothes. I love citrus-scented products and this Lemon Tart is a big winner for me. 

Main ingredients: Organic shea butter, mango butter, organic pumpkin seed oil, ginkgo biloba and matcha. 

Interesting to see matcha in the ingredient list. It is said to have anti-aging properties due to high level of antioxidants and can protect skin from negative effects of UV radiations.

The scent Lemon Tart is just amazing. It is not your typical chemically lemon-scented products. It is very natural and subtle but enough for me to sniff refreshing lemon scents throughout the day. 

There is also a wide variety of products:

Here is Caffeinator which sounds amazing: Peppermint, grapefruit and lime. 

I am really satisfied with my experience with Nature's Pure Bliss and  I love supporting Canadian-owned businesses. 

Nature's Pure Bliss is kind enough to offer my readers a $5 off your order, use Shoppin5 at checkout.

* PR product sent for review in collaboration with Canadian Beauty Bloggers

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