Oct 14, 2016

MUFE Artist Rouge Lipstick C208 Magenta Pink

When I look through my lipstick collection, I find most of them are mauve pink. I have been most comfortable in the neutral shades for the longest time. I have a few reds but just find them a bit too intimidating to wear for every day.

Have been watching a lot of Korean drama and amazed by how good shocking pink shades look on the actresses. I don't have those shades in my collection and want to get out of my comfort zone  and try those.

MUFE Artist Rouge in C208

MUFE newly-launched Artist Rouge Lipsticks are amazing. I have tested them out in store. There are matte and satin finishes. I prefer the satin finish and picked out C208 Magenta Pink.

The packaging is super chic. The pointy tip of the lipstick makes application very precise. 

 Just one light swatch gives enough color. It is so pigmented and opaque. I am used to moisturizing lipstick formula which I have to apply a few times to get the pigmentation I want. This formula is very unique. It is not matte but gives me the long-lasting effect matte lipsticks do. I don't like matte lipsticks as they tend to dry my lips. But this one gives me the pigmentation and long-lastint effect but yet not drying. 

I am loving this, both the shade and the formula. The shade is a lot more brighter than what my usual lipsticks. The formula is actually quite creamy. I usually have to apply a lip gloss on top of satin finish lipsticks but not this one. I am totally amazed by the formula and  may have to pick up a few more shades during the Sephora VIB sale next month :)

Have you tried the new MUFE Artist Rouge Lipsticks?

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