Nov 25, 2011

Festive additions

Can't believe it's a month away till Christmas. Guess this year we're not in the Christmas mode as it is very rare that we don't have any snow on the ground yet. Lawn is still green and doggie is still enjoying his daily play time in the backyard.

This morning did a quick run to Canadian Tire. Grabbed a couple of miniature Christmas trees for the porch outside. Debating on whether to put up the Christmas tree inside ( yes, extremely not motivated to do that this year). It's Friday and not a holiday here (Black Friday for U.S.)and just can't believe how busy the store was at 820 am.  People are grabbing Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, extension cords, Christmas gifts etc.

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching. Every year is a dread. Dreading to put Christmas decorations up, dreading to get Christmas gifts, dreading to plan anything for the holidays.

When you are not in the mood of celebrating the holiday season, retail therapy sounds like a plan?

J. Crew metallic foil jacquard top

Not overpowering. I don't really like a lot of sequins. This top is subtle and I like how the model is styled with a plain white shirt and black pants.

Glitterati ballet flats in gold. Not particular crazy with the gold but for now this is the only color on sale. Other colors include black and red. 

September sweater in heather moss. Unfortunately don't have this in my size. May have to pop back to the site later to see any more sizes available. 

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