Nov 27, 2011

Land's End

First time to order from Land's End. They have a very good deal now with 30% off and free shipping. I am looking for a turtleneck to layer up. Most of my turtlenecks are thick cotton and I have a grey one from Banana Republic which fits snuggly but not too tight.

Originally, I was looking at the tissue turtleneck from J. Crew. But since I'm only wearing to layer with a 3/4 sleeve cardigan, I really don't see the point of buying one for $35.

While waiting for Cyber Monday deals, I was surfing the net. Came across Land's End and just happened that they have a good sale. If your order is less than $20, don't even have to pay duty and tax. Makes it even a better deal.

This one is $24.99, on sale for $19.99, with my 30% off and free shipping, no tax and duty, shipped to my door, only cost me $11 something. What a great deal! Just hope it will fit nicely on me.

I have always wanted the J. Crew Jackie cardigan. With the indoor heat, I thought I can always wear that year around. But whenever it goes on sale, all the color I like is gone or the sizes unavailable.

Found a look-alike cardigan at Land's End.

This is the Heritage cardigan. I got it in cardinal red. Picture shown here is the rich red but unfortunately don't have my size. 

This one is $39.99, on sale for $19.99. With my 30% and free shipping, no tax, no duty, comes to $15. Can't go wrong with that price. 

Since I'm new to Land's End,  not sure about their sizing. But they have a lot of customer reviews which help me decide on my size. Can't wait to get my orders. Yes, 2 orders placed separately to take advantage of the no tax/duty on orders under $20. 

p.s. It's Cyber Monday and I was once again surfing the web to look for deals. Went back to Land's End and grabbed one of these:

I ordered it in dark grape. Just can't pass this great deal. On sale for $15, and I paid $10.50 shipped!!!!! Who would think you can get something shipped to you with this price??!! 


  1. These look like great basics- I hope they fit you well! I have yet to order something from Land's End

  2. skippysays: I'm looking forward to receiving my orders. It's always exciting to order from companies I haven't ordered before. Will do a review when my orders come in.

  3. I've never ordered anything from Land's End but I heard they're very much like J.Crew but with better prices. I might need to check them out.


  4. Hi Ly: Thanks for visitng my blog. First time I shopped at Land's End. Surprised to find so many similar clothing items as in J. Crew but the prices are sooooo much better. Wonder what the quality is like. Hope it will be at least decent.