Dec 7, 2011

LLBean Favs

First it was J. Crew, then I found similar items at Land's End Canvas (which by the way I love the pieces I got, will do a review in my later blogs). From Land's End, I found there are some nice pieces at LL Bean/LL Bean Signature.

I love turtlenecks ( even though hubby said I have a short neck and shouldn't wear that too much!!) Keep me warm and I always later that with 3/4 sleeve cardigan or my new fav poncho from J. Crew.

I got the turtleneck(top right)but in red/orange stripe. Waiting to get it later on today. Also waiting for hubby to make smart comment on it.

LLBean Favs

Flannel dress
Turtlenecks: Women's | Free Shipping at L.L.Bean
Tote hand bag
Andrea Garland necklace, £28
Makeup Set, $14

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I love LL Bean and that turtleneck is really cute. Love the stripes!