Aug 2, 2012

Great deals from Old Navy

Old Navy had a great sale last weekend with 25% off. The boatneck sweaters (polka dot ones) are further reduced right now. Cannot believe they were available 2 weeks in stores and now they are on further reductions already. Heart sweaters are still full-priced though.

Old Navy boat-neck sweater in heartprint size S (buy here)

In case you're still " hearting" the original J. Crew version of the heart tippi (here), they are offering 30% off all sale items using code SHOPNOW.

Old Navy vintage split-neck baseball tee size S (buy here)

I love how soft this cotton baseball tee is. The split-neck just gives it a more detailed look. 

I was originally looking at the J. Crew contrast linen baseball tee a while back. But every time I wanted to get it, my size was sold out. Also, that one is a linen so I think would wrinkle more easily.

J. Crew contrast linen baseball tee (currently sold out online here)

Love heart prints and when I see the ruffle-trim tie belt dress with the cutest heart prints, I wanted to grab it.

Old Navy ruffle trim tie-belt dress (buy here)

The length of the dress is perfect but the neckline looks a bit odd to me. Guess with the soft fabric would make it curl up easily. So a pass for me.

But saw this heart print racerback tank top and wanted to give it a try.

Old Navy printed button back tank in size S (buy here)

a close up look at the cute heart prints

Old Navy has a lot of quality items this season. The quality has certainly stepped up in my opinion. Have you checked out Old Navy lately? What are your favorite pieces?


  1. i am LOVING that heart sweater! so cute!

  2. I'm going to have to pick myself up that baseball tee! I love it!

  3. loooove the baseball tee, very cool... I wish we had old navy over here! :(

  4. I've not been to ON recently, but I agree, they seem to have stepped it up in the style department recently - hopefully quality has gone up too!

  5. These are all so fun! I love the baseball t! I haven't been to Old Navy in so long but this makes me want to check it out!

    Following back from the BBU hop!

  6. OOOH, I've been wanting a baseball tee and this one looks perfect! Love your reviews, thanks darling:)