Sep 17, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target

You have probably heard of the hype of designers collaborating with Target. Phillip Lim launched his Target collection on Sep 15(Sunday). Unfortunately, I am not near a Target store. Unlike the lucky Americans, we Canadians cannot order from the website either.

Like many others who could not make it to the store or the website, I go to ebay. You should see how many handbags from this collection made it to ebay Sunday morning. Or even crazier, some made it to ebay even before the official launch. Heard some stores in Atlanta, GA "leaked" products early.

Black Mini Satchel

Black Medium Satchel

Taupe Medium Satchel

I concentrated mainly on the purses. When the collection lookbook launched  a couple of months ago, I had my eyes set on the mini satchel. The medium sized purses look pretty good but I got the Phillip Lim 3.1 medium satchel in taupe in July(see post) and I would rather have a smaller sized one to switch things up.

Majority of the listings on ebay on this collection is from the States and if you are interested in grabbing a few items, here are a few tips: 
  1.  Set your "target" items and have a general idea of how much these items go for in the completed listings(meaning items which were successfully sold). 
  2. Pick reputable sellers. You would notice a ton of sellers are new to ebay and have very few feedback. Be careful of those as  their prices may be a bit lower than others but they are not as reputable as other sellers. A lot of these listings are from sellers' online purchases which means they do not even have the products in their hands yet. They simply have put in online orders and waiting for them to arrive at their door step. You may have to wait a bit before you get your items. 
  3. Pay attention to shipping options. I have noticed that a lot of US sellers are shipping items through Global Shipping Program. I have never bought items shipped through this before. I believe you have to pay the customs and duties up front when you check out so no additional charges when your parcel arrives. So on top of the price you agree to pay, you have to pay for the shipping fee and the duties. 
Did you line up on Sunday for the Phillip Lim for Target Collection? Or are you going to try your luck on ebay?

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