Jul 12, 2014

J. Crew Sale Picks & New Arrivals

J. Crew is having 50% additional off sale price in store and 40% off online. Perfect time to pick up summer items.

Amazing Linen Tee in xs
Maxi Skirt in stripe in s (here)

I love J. Crew linen tee and their linen tee is usually over-sized. I picked up the tee for $18.50.

The maxi skirt is very comfy. It is the right length on me (I'm 5' 5.5) but the waist is too big. I would suggest sizing it down.

Flared surf skirt in s (here)
Very interesting skirt. Fabric is quite thick and this is in the heather grey. Not my kind of skirt as it shows every bump and not very forgiving at all. 

Linen Tee in triple stripe in s (here)

This is not on sale. I passed on this one as the front pocket looks kind of funny with the stripes.

Chiffon Sleeve Tee in s (here)

Another item not in the sale section. But I really like this one. The sleeves are very flattening.

Not sure about exactly what this pair of pants are but they are the stretch cotton in perfect fit

This is a size 4 and in navy. It was originally priced at $98 and down to $36.99 and with the 50% off, it is only $18.50. Cannot pass up on this one as who doesn't need another pair of navy dress pants to go to work?

Drapery tee in surf stripe in s (here)

Very soft cotton and I like the print. It is cheaper in store and picked this up for $18.50.

This is my OOTD. All J. Crew. Wear this stripe pencil skirt a lot and it is so easy to style.

Are you picking up anything from the J. Crew sale?


  1. Wow awesome haul! I always find J.Crew a bit expensive so this extra 40% is perfect! Thanks for sharing this sale

    Raincouver Beauty

    1. I usually pick up items from J. Crew when they are on sale as I think they are a bit overpriced. They have 50% additional on sale items which made items such great deals.

  2. I don't have a jcrew near me so unless I want to drive two hours to the nearest one I have to buy online with only 40% and the $5 shipping which I hate lol

    1. I don't have one near me either and every time I go to the city, and if I'm lucky and hit the sales, it is much more affordable. I do lots of online shopping with J. Crew so I can feel your pain of the shipping fee(in Canada, our shipping is $9.95 :(