Oct 7, 2015

Want to smell like Orange Cream Pop? Demeter Scent Memory

Have you ever walked into familiar scents which bring you back to memory lane?

Some people say they don't recall much from their early childhood. I am lucky enough to have lots of good memories of my childhood, as young as I was 2 years old. I remember my mom taking me to the park and the feeling of the barks of the trees, picking up tree branches. Growing up in the city means seeing little greenery and the scent of crisp, clean air often bring me back to those good old days.

I enjoy food as long as I can recall. For the longest time, every time I smell batter, my mind would travel back to when I had pancakes or porridge at breakfast time when I was little.

Demeter gave me an opportunity to choose a scent down memory lane. Surprise surprise, I picked scents associated with food.

I picked Orange Cream Pop as one of my fondest childhood memories consists of orange cream popsicle. This scent reminds me of just that. A sweet mixture of orange and vanilla ice cream brought me back to the best summers. What is unique about Demeter fragrance is it has a huge library of over 300 fragrances inspired by the scents of everyday objects and life experiences. They are made of 95% natural ingredients, no artificial colors, no phthalates and alcohol naturally fermented from corn. 

My package of 2 blending sets of fragrance comes in this well-packaged box.

I picked Orange Cream Pop and the Demeter team paired it up with two other scents: Sunshine and Daisy. They could be worn individually or combined. Also, they could be worn as cologne spray or room spray. Sunshine is an interesting concept of fragrance to me. How does sunshine smell like? Well, imagine on a hot summer day, you do a load of cotton tees and air them outside for the whole day. Cotton tees soaked with the sun give the long-lasting freshness crisp. This is exactly what this fragrance is. I like to spray the room with this to mimic the beautiful summer days to be brought inside. Daisy reminds me of spring with flowers start to bloom. 

I am also sent a second set which consists of Vanilla Cake Batter, Rice Paddy and Mountain Air. Vanilla Cake Batter reminds me of country bakeries with fresh vanilla sugar cakes coming out of the oven. Sugary, buttery and creamy. Anyone who likes desserts as much as me would certainly enjoy this scent. Rice Paddy and Mountain Air both remind me of hiking up trails, fresh spring water, cool mountain air. 

Is there a scent which brings you down memory lane?

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