Nov 11, 2016

Montana Silversmiths Jewelry

When it comes to accessories, I like simple and elegant designs. Simple enough for every day wear and dressy enough for special occasions. I also like timeless pieces so I can wear year after year. 

I was offered to collaborate with Montana Silversmith and pick out some pieces to try. They have a wide variety of products on their website and their designs are quite versatile, from western buckles , nature-inspired jewelry pieces to custom made jewelry. But what makes it easier to browse is you can shop by collections and categories.

Bracelet has to be my favorite jewelry piece. I am quite picky in bracelets. I prefer designs which are sleek and flat. I am always working on a laptop and I don't like chunky bracelets which get in the way.

This bracelet is such a beautiful piece. It is very simple and well-made. When you are shopping online, it is hard to judge by the pictures the quality of the pieces. This bracelet is very sturdy and it can be adjusted to how loose or tight you want to wear your bracelet. 

Montana Silversmiths has a huge selection of jewelry sets. They make great gifts and also less guessing work.

This is a necklace and earring jewelry set. The design features large round crystals set on rhinestones. The set is very sparkly and eye-catching. They look much brighter in real life than shown in pictures. As they are cubic zirconia stones and rather big in size, they are not in any way subtle for everyday wear. 

Last piece I picked out is an over-sized large face watch.  It has a white face with gold and silver expansion band. The unique design on the band makes this watch a fashionable piece. It has an expansion band making it easier to wear. However, the original band is way too big for my wrist. There is an instruction sheet of how to adjust the band. I have adjusted bands of watches before and this one is quite a challenge. It is not your regular band which there are pins inserted vertically to remove excess links. You have to pry the end parts of the wings first which is not easy to do. The u-link is extremely tiny making re-insertion a major task for me. But at the end, it works out and I have the band adjusted to my wrist. What I like about expansion band watch is that I can wear it normally and in winter, I can wear it over a thin sweater as a fashion piece as well.

The pieces come in very nice boxes and will make perfect gifts for the holiday season and special occasions.

*PR products are provided for my honest opinion

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