Oct 21, 2017

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion

Yes, I have bought another cushion foundation. I have only tried COSRX pimple patches in the past and am super impressed with how this popular Korean skin care brand performs. When they released this new Clear Fit Blemish Cushion, I knew I had to get this.

I have been having hormonal break-outs lately and I want a foundation to act both as a coverage and healing product. This new cushion foundation claims to have trouble care and soothing essence to treat sensitive skin. 

This comes in 2 shades: #21 and #23 and I picked the #23 which is a warmer beige than the two.

This shade #23 is a bit leaning towards more beige. Unlike other cushion foundation, this one has a matte finish. So if you are looking for that dewiness look, this one won't be the one for you.

Troiareuke A+

I have one other cushion foundation to compare this to, it is my new holy grail: Troiareuke A+. Both foundations have skin care properties which can calm sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Left: Troiareuke A+
Right: Cosrx Clear Fit


Troiareuke A+

In terms of shade, COSRX is darker than the Troiareuke A+. With the same amount applied on my arm to cover the mole, COSRX has significantly better coverage. With that said, only small amount of COSRX should be applied by lightly padding on face, rather than your usual application of cushion foundation. If applied too much, it does look cakey and very unnatural on skin. 

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish cushion has a more matte finish and I don't need to apply powder to control the oiliness in my skin. The coverage is very impressive but have to be careful when applied to have a more natural finish. For the price comparison, COSRX is much more affordable than the Troiareuke. Both don't come with refills. As for skin care properties, I like the Troiareuke more. It is more like a skin care product with a bit of coverage. It doesn't feel like wearing makeup at all. COSRX has more coverage and is more suitable if you need it and don't want to apply a whole lot of concealer to cover up your blemishes.

Overall, I quite enjoy the new COSRX Clear Fit Blemish cushion and it is a very nice and more affordable alternative to Troiareuke. Have you tried this new cushion from COSRX?

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