Dec 13, 2017

Monthly Watch Club

If you are still struggling to get your Christmas shopping list done, welcome to my world. I have been occupied with a lot of things lately and this is probably my first year not getting my shopping done before December. 

For those of you who have someone hard to buy for, a monthly subscription would be an ideal gift. 

I have been approached by Monthly Watch Club and am quite amazed. Monthly Watch Club is a Canadian company. You can pick either watches for men or women. For little as CAD $33(US $25), you can have a brand new watch every month to enjoy. Watches are a must for me. Even though these days, we tend to use our cell phones for everything, I still wear a watch daily. 

Let's get to what I received*:

Each watch comes in a very simple box, packaged and sent in bubbled wrap. Also enclosed is a card of the watch sent. It gives you detailed description of the watch, including watch measurements, weight, strap length etc.

I was sent a simple black watch with detailed florals on the face of the watch. I am quite happy with this one as I like simple designs and this one is simple but has a twist to it. The leather strap is leather and for the first couple of times of wearing, it feels a bit stiff but I am confident that it will soften up a bit with more wear. I also like it being a bit oversized. I can wear it over a thin sweater even. 

You can either choose a trial subscription(one time), 3 month, 6 month or a 12 month subscription. They guarantee their products for up to 100 days so if you have any problem with your watch, simply contact them. 

The concept of getting a new watch every month is very unique. You know you will be getting a quality watch. You can also browse on their website to see what they have sent out in the previous months and have options to purchase them(life-savers if you are struggling to get a last minute Christmas gift!)

* PR product sent for review

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