Jul 24, 2018

Sheet Masks Performances by Skin Analyzer

I have been bragging about my new skin care gadget for a while. Yes, it is my beloved Skin Moisture Analyzer. It gives me a better understanding of what my skin condition is in terms of moisture and oil level.

A lot of times, I hesitated to put on moisturizer in the summer time as my skin would get really oily and greasy by mid-day. That was a big mistake and I have mixed up skin moisture level with oil level. 

Now equipped with my skin moisture analyzer, I know that when I apply enough moisturizer and essence in the morning, my skin actually produce less oil throughout the day and breakouts are significantly less. 

I have documented a few of my skin moisture analyzer results after using different sheet masks for the past week and thought it may be helpful to you when you are picking your next pack of facial sheet masks.

How I test: 
Apply facial sheet on cleansed face for 15-20 mins. After removal and let essence sink in for about 3 mins and then I test my skin moisture and oil level.

Moisture level: 47%
Oil level: 22%

Moisture level: 48%
Oil level: 19%

Moisture level: 51%
Oil level: 16%

Moisture level: 71%
Oil level: 20%

Moisture level: 58%
Oil level: 18%

Moisture level: 66%
Oil level: 20%

Moisture level: 66%
Oil level: 20%

Out of all the ones I have tried, my favorite is the G Dragon Moonshot Fantastic Shining Mask. Yes, I am a big fan of G Dragon. I bought the mask initially just because he put his name on it. But after I use it, I love it more and more. It is on the pricier side (about CAD $4-6 each) but it comes in a pack of eye cream and foaming cleanser. It is perfect to grab a few of those when you are travelling. My skin always feel hydrated and plump after each use. This mask is not readily available and is always out of stock. In the past, I have bought from Yesstyle.com, KMall24.com and ebay for these.

G Dragon

Another favorite is the Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask. This brand is easily accessible in Canada. I can get this from Korean grocery store(H-Mart) and other Asian stores in Toronto. I get them for about CAD $22 for 5 pieces. 

Hope my brief review of these facial sheet masks would be helpful on your decision on your next set of facial sheet masks.

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