Jul 31, 2018

Korean 7-Skin Method

I am probably late in getting on the bandwagon of the popular Korean 7 Skin Method. If you don't know about it, it is basically a Korean skin care trend which you layer essence/toner 7 times on your skin to give your skin the ultimate hydration. 

When I first heard about the trend, I thought it would be some skin care brands trying to push using more of their products. If you use the essence morning and night, your bottle of essence would last for a few months. But if you layer it 7 times, it would only last me a month. 

I use essence every morning so why not give it a try and see what the hype is all about.

The idea behind the 7-skin method is to layer your essence and keep your skin hydrated. I do it in the morning, after a cleansed face, I use a cotton pad to apply my essence for the initial step. This way, you wipe away the impurities and prep your skin for the ultimate "pampering" to come. Then, I use a dime-size amount of essence, rub it on my palms for a few seconds and then pat it on my face. I usually wait a minute or two between each layer so it would give my skin enough time to absorb the essence. Repeat it 7 times.

Yes, it is much more time-consuming than my regular morning skin care routine. I don't usually do it 7 times though. Some days, I just do it 4 times. The key is to pick a toner/essence which suits this application. Pick one which does not contain alcohol. As alcohol dries out your skin, the more you apply, the drier your skin gets which defeats the whole purpose of this method. 

My go-to has been the IOPE Bio Essence for years. My other options are Secret Key Start Treatment Essence which is very similar in texture as the IOPE but a lot more affordable. Klairs Supple Preparation is also a nice choice. 

Verdict: I love this skin care routine. I measure my skin hydration level before starting this method. My problem is doesn't matter what moisturizer I apply in the morning, by late afternoon, my skin hydration level is so low, usually around 28 to 30% moisture level(according to my skin analyzer). But after I start using this, level is around 35-38%. Even though it is not a whole lot, every bit of improvement is appreciated.

With the hydration locked in my skin throughout the day, my oil level is decreased. In the hot summer months, I am not as oily as before and makeup stays on longer. Sometimes, I can even skip applying moisturizer after the 7 skin method. 

I highly recommend you trying out this 7-Skin Method if you suffer from dehydration. I know I will continue with this method especially through the cold dry winter months ahead.

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