Aug 1, 2018

Chanel Lippies Splurge

It was National Lipstick Day on July 29. I didn't realize such day even exists!

Sephora had a special on that day: 25% on selected lip products. Of course, I was excited to score a great deal. Over the weekend, I was searching high and low for products I have been wanting to try. I went through my lippies collection and "realized" I don't have a lot of coral/red shades. So I concentrated on finding shades on the Sephora website.

What I didn't realize was Sephora only had a very limited number of products which were on sale. Disappointed, I started to browse around online for other stores and roam around in the mall.

The Bay is having a special on now until Aug 9($10 off when you spend $75 on beauty products). Not a bad deal. I was swatching zillions of shades at the Chanel counter but every single one color that I picked, they were out of stock. So I bought online instead.

Left: Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in 144
Right: Chanel Le Rouge Crayon in #20 Ultra Rose

For luxurious brands like Chanel, YSL, Giorgio Armani etc, I like to go in store and swatch the shades in person as pictures online can be deceiving.

There is the Chanel Cruise Collection Summer 2018. I picked #20 Ultra Rose from their crayon collection. It is a coral red shade. Very smooth in texture and glide on lips beautifully. Not as long-lasting as matte liquid lipstick or tint but it is also not as drying.

What I like about this crayon is you can easily adjust how much color you would like. You can apply the crayon full-on and it is a more vibrant watermelon red shade. Or like how I apply, I outline my lips and use my fingers or a piece of kleenax to blend it out to have a more softer look. It is still extremely moisturizing after a couple of hours.

Chanel Allure Ink 144 Vivant

#144 Vivant is a very popular shade for Chanel Allure Ink. It is a peachy coral shade. Looks very vibrant and bright when swatched on hand. But when it is applied to lips, it doesn't appear that "neon". When it is first applied, it looks like your regular liquid lipstick. But give it a few minutes, it would dry down to a matte shade. Unlike other lip stains, this one is not drying. Still has a little bit of transfer after a couple of hours but wouldn't leave lips with an awkward outer-rim left if the initial application is even.

I don't usually splurge on luxurious lippies but once in a while it is ok. Don't you all agree that we need a booster once in a while? :)


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